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ESX – Easymatic Server Extensions
If you're a coder, you'll love this: pre-coded PHP functions to solve common advanced web site problems such as sending e-mails with attachments and embedded images, generating Turing codes (such as the one on this page), validating EU VAT numbers, etc..
Get your clients' adoration
and fidelity by offering unique exclusive services, such as Web 2.0 Webmail and Backoffice. These are our own software, not available anywhere else.

All service details, including financial details are strictly confidential. This is meant to protect you, and give you the choice of offering only part of our services to your clients and determining your profit margins. To learn more about our services, please fill in the contact form bellow. Be sure to convince us you provide services that require Internet presence (e.g., by giving us the URL of your web site) as we don't give out this information to your end clients.

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Easymatic Certification Authority
We can issue SSL certificates under our own certification authority, when requested. This is for private (LAN) use only as even though we only issue certificates for domains we host, we don't verify that our customers really are who they claim to be. Never install the root certification authority certificate, unless you're using such certificates!


Download Easymatic Certification Authority's root certificate

No spam, thank you!
We do not allow spam to be sent from our servers. Although e-mail marketing is a necessity, all clients are required to stop sending unsolicited advertising when requested by the recipient. If you have received spam from our servers, and the sender refuses to stop sending more, please file a complaint immediately! We do not want e-mail sent from our servers to ever be blocked as a spam source!


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Technical proficiency
We have a team with years of experience in this business. Security and performance are paramount. All DNS and e-mail systems follow all recommendations and standards (except RFC 2142 because that would be an explicit default open door for spam).


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